Put the power in your hands with Living Benefits, an innovative new life insurance policy that provides you and your family peace of mind to ensure your basic needs are taken care of during times of emergencies and serious illness.   Give yourself and your family this precious gift of life now...with Living Benefits. 


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Imagine you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, breast cancer or another critical Illness. You’re facing chemotherapy, radiation, maybe even surgery. Even with health insurance, with deductibles and co-insurance, you may owe thousands of dollars. How are you going to pay these medical expenses? If you cannot work, how will you support your family, pay for your home, buy food? Will you spend your life savings or maybe even have to file Personal Bankruptcy?


Now, with amazing Living Benefits, your Life Insurance company can write you a check!   That’s right!  Money when you need it most from a new, innovative life insurance policy.  With Living Benefits you can receive money from your life insurance without having to die.  Finally, you can have full, true peace of mind for you and your family.

Please watch the short video above to learn more. Call our toll free number at (866) 504-7578 or complete the Contact Us form for assistance.

"This is the life insurance product that I have been looking for.  Now I can sleep at night knowing my family will be okay no matter what happens to me."  - Mary J.



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